Animation is EASY

Bestest offer: First Week Free Usage

  • Know how to use files and folders on your computer?
  • Wish to use basic AND simple English instead of coding?
  • Ready to create cool video and animation of your interest

Start video, animation, doodling NOW

Well, you are good to go! You can start right now.

  • Want to make those party pictures more shiny?
  • An animated collage with audio and your picky layout ?
  • Want to spread correctness over internet with videos?
  • Want to make an educational video for your kids?
  • DO NOT want to share those private media data?
  • Oh memes, those animated memes. You want them?

Any one of these reason are good enough for you to start NOW. Install, Subscribe, and have fun!

Any height/width ratio or FPS, 144p to 8k, if your laptop can support

Get 45 3D human models with 2400+ animations all ready to use

Doodle, sketching, cartoon, painting, subtitles for image or movies

Any screen (blue, green, etc.) or AI based background removal

No Limitations, No compromise, Only Simplification!

* Our package: Start video and image processing for FREE! Pay only for story animation.

Our measure: If a grade 2 student cannot start using it, it is not worth it!

Our safety net: You pay us only once your installation is all up and ready

Our support: We document by example, so you can start easy, then scale up

Our policy: Your data is yours, we will never receive your media or model

Our target: The whole Meme’er should end up being language based

Our strive: Keep adding latest of video/ image capabilities and AI for users

Our final frontier: Democratize AI for everyone! To use, to learn, to share