About Meme’er

or what we stand for ?

Artificial Intelligence is going to stay with us, and is destined to be used progressively more in future. But come to think of it, when was the last time an average non-computer nerd used it the way best suited for themself. We all make use of it but it is made to be used for us. Be it Google identifying our faces on our phone library, or Word auto correct telling us it’s not its, it’s it is, it is used for us but not by us, not giving us the full freedom to use, misuse and then learn from it.

To really reap the benefits of AI, we need to democratize it. We need to democratize the power to create our media, to read and analyze our data, to get infinite information already at our disposal ourselves for analysis as per our models and not wait for some elite company or business to do it for us.

And that, our dear reader, is our Vision. To let the ordinary netizens of the world use the power of Artificial intelligence as per their whims and wishes. Wish us success please!