Technology is EASY

Create 3d/ 2d animation video of any aspect ratio or screen size

  • Supports gltf, blend, bam and egg model types
  • Supports multipart animation

Create scribble/ doodle animation with images

  • Any background of your choosing
  • Use varying line color and thickness or images
  • Use any image as line marker

Cinematic VFX Compositing, preprocessing and postprocessing

  • Image to image cloning
  • Background image extraction and animation
  • Green/ Blue screen processing
  • Video superimposition

No coding needed, all English based storytelling

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Choose any aspect ratio, screen size and FPS

Integrate the project with Git for source control

Use any existing font type on your machine for texts

INR 561 or USD 7.50 per month – unlimited usage

Create grouping for animation as Logicals

Bring the best of current AI capabilities to your fingertips

No sharing/ uploading of your copyright material with us – your media remains with you

Supports all popular image, video and audio file formats

Constantly improving with new features