Meme’er Installation

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How the flow looks like:

Basic information about Meme’er Setup:

Meme’er Technology Stack

Meme’er, under the hood uses a list of technologies. Some major are Python, Panda3D, OpenCV (Computer Vision) etc. From a usage perspective, this all is hidden with Meme’er and user works only with Meme’er, while Meme’er internally executes these tools for providing the functionality.

Extra Recommended Software:

There are some other tools which we recommend but as such there usage is completely optional. These are MakeHuman for making human models, Blender for creating new gltf and Panda3D animation files, and GIMP for full image processing. All these are FOSS software and do not require any licensing.

Meme’er by extension is a cross platform application, which can run on all Operating systems in a native manner. The additional benefit is that it does not necessarily require expensive GPUs or CPUs, and can work with bare minimum.

Pre requisite software


Meme’er Source Code:

Download from Github

Release Cycle: Continuous Release

Installation Steps:

Panda3D Installation

Panda3D is a industry standard tool for 3D animation. This can be downloaded from and installed by agreeing to license and few “Next” buttons.

Download URL:

Python 1.10.9 SDK

Installation Instructions:

For Windows OS

For Linux OS

Panda3D Post Installation Checks:

Once Panda3D is installed, it will internally install Python and all the core components which are to be used by Meme’er.

To confirm that the installation has went fine and we are ready for next steps, the best solution is to open the samples directory in Panda3D location and try out any of the sample.

The list of samples is provided on Panda3D official documentation. Each directory have a “Run” executable file. Try to open any and if the window opens, we are good!

Check for Python

Check for Panda3D

Meme’er Installation Steps:

Open the Github link in right pane:

  1. Locate the Code button on top right and click on it
  2. Download the zip file.

Unzip the file to a directory on your desktop or laptop. Now open a command prompt which will point to the location of unzipped files.


If python and panda3D have been installed successfully, this will copy over the additional files needed for Meme’er setup. It will also create shortcuts on windows desktop.

Download link:

Github link


Do not panic. Just drop us a mail, we will make sure

  1. Your installation is done (which might involve call if you wish so and we are unable to resolve your issue in maximum 2 mails)
  2. You payment is considered valid only from the time the issue is resolved and you are able to start your story creation.
  3. You end up as being our happy customer.

(The last point out weighs everything else).

Support link:

Support link